Tools To Download And Analyze Twitter Data

twitterThere are quite a few features that can help you download and analyze twitter data. However, people keep themselves limited to the Twitter’s official archive download. Yes, it is an option, but there are better ones to try. Downloading the data is not our only aim. Analysis to be performed on it is also a matter of consideration. People running a social campaign on twitter need to pay special attention on the analytics of the page. Data mining needs to be done for that which requires a few easy steps only. Companies end up hiring a big team of managers to perform the data mining activity.

It is a complete waste of money due to the lack of technology awareness among people. The first and foremost choice you can keep is the official archive download from twitter. It is a handy option and most of us can use it very easily. There are a couple of annoying downsides, like every time you download a new archive the old file will be overwritten. There is no way you can set dates aside in the archive. When venturing to try something new, go for BirdSong Analytics. A unique tool that comes at a price and completely makes it worth the utility it provides.

twitter-statsThe file downloaded by it comes in an Excel format that contains username, number of followers/following, Twitter URL, real name, bio, location, date of creation of account, number of tweets, verified status, etc. This means that all the necessary info is gathered in the same place for your motive. The amazing part is, Excel has got a number of brilliant options like sorting and filtering. One can make use of those features and move on to segregating the data as per the requirement. It will make your analysis way easier.

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Twitter Data Analysis Made Easier

Cghr-W7WEAAa-_3After seeing the demand of archiving Twitter data, many companies have come up with innovative options. The unprecedented approach of software tool developers has made twitter data analysis quite easy. Tools like Cyfe, NodeXL and TWChat help users download Twitter data in a way that makes analysis comfortable and less time consuming Cyfe gives a more customizable option to its users. It is a perfect business management tool that allows customizing the data as per your choice. There are options to create customized widgets. All of these widgets are designed to work with a number of features. Any number of services can be worked upon by these tools.

Premade widgets are already there that have a bunch of functions to perform. Getting started with Cyfe is free of cost. However, for real analytics gathering you will need to have a premium account. People who would like it simpler, can go for NodeXL. An open source template for Microsoft Excel that helps integrate the data pulled from CSV file. An informative graph can be generated with the use of NodeXL. It is breathtaking visual representations that will help all of us understand the trend of the analysed data. Graphs are an attractive visual feature that makes data analysis quite easier. NodeXL does it in a wonderful manner, hence making analytics easier.

Twitter-with-Megaphone-300x300TWChat allows users to archive various hash tags as per their requirement. Everyday a new archive will be created of the entire set of data of your twitter account. Businesses or people looking for reputation management will find this tool to be amazing. Even a specific social campaign can be monitored quite well with TWChat. With all the above features, choosing a specific tool is going to be a difficult task. Each of the solution has its own unique feature which can help you filter further.

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Watch 3D Movies Without The Funky Glasses

Terminator-Rise-Of-The-Machines-Arnold-SunglassesTechnology changes every day, and the innovation sees no boundaries today. When 3D movie options came into picture, it became extremely popular. All you had to do is wear 3D glasses and go for it. Now the world is stepping towards another innovative option, wherein no 3D glasses will be required. Cinema 3D, a name given to the new technology allows 3D viewing without any glasses. It has successfully overcome the barriers to 3D viewing that were earlier present. On a large scale also, like in a theatre it has proved to be successful. However, it is not made commercial viable yet.

Researchers are still working on it, to make it a more reachable option for businesses. The 3D glasses are becoming a cumbersome affair for the present generation; hence a change is surely needed. A few 3D glasses strategies already exist, but nothing has come out to be as commercially successful. When you have to serve a huge population, things need to be planned out accordingly. It is easier to make a home TV with 3D screen, but for a theatre screen it needs more efficiency. The 3D screen technologies cannot be rendered to big screens till now, due to the ineffectiveness of avoiding parallax errors.

41IuuQ8iAmL._SL500_AA300_In case of a home use TV sets, for avoiding the parallax barrier the TV set needs to be placed at a specific distance from the viewer. Hence, the technology is not viable for cinema halls. Not only the distance, but the angle from which people are watching the screen also matters. By careful design of optical elements it can be achieved, but there is no success in this field as of now. The farfetched future might bring on some authentic way out for the problem. Till then, viewers have 3D glasses as the only expected option to hang on.

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