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A Tiny Atomic Memory For Storing Book Written Data

1469038459388Our planet would be a boring place if there were no books and no one knew anything to read. Books are amazing, but are you able to remember the thing you read in a particular book 10 years ago. Some might be able to, but majority of us cannot. We live in a technology driven century. Scientists and technology developers have brought an innovative option for remembering any book data for future use. A new atomic memory is the most talked about topic these days. A device that encodes data atom by atom and can hold 100 times more data than any hard disk would be able to hold.

In the present time, information overload is a huge threat. Hence, an atomic memory can stand out as the savior for this problem. Even a small cube of atomic memory can store the amount of data you cannot even imagine. Researchers have strong points to prove, how it is the near future of the technology world. For per square centimeter of the chip, 500 trillion bits of data could be stored. A scanning tunneling microscope leads to the creation of this unique device. Any amount of content can be stored on this device.

Since it is very small in size, there is no need to worry about the maintenance or storage of the device. It is as easy as using a pen drive or a hard disk. No technical qualification is required to use an atomic memory. However, the idea is not yet feasible on a large scale. It has not been propounded as a public use material till now. It is being experimented for big businesses or organizations now. In the coming future there can be a boom in the information world with a device like this that can store such quantity of data.