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What’s Your Opinion On The Faster Face Of Innovation?

3057283-poster-p-1-video-games-can-now-read-your-faceChange has never been so easy and cheap; however it is faster in today’s time. Be it the innovation on steroids or the innovation in robots, all are remarkable enough. The core value says that technology is transforming innovation to a great extent. Organizations are getting friendlier to new ideas. The speeds and prices that remained unimaginable a few decades ago are now getting surfaced quite easily. A customer response on a particular website can be analyzed within an hour. This was not even known to people a decade ago. Thanks to the developing technology and its demand among masses.

Few innovations that took years to start can now be made functional within a few seconds. Corporate culture has changed a lot with the innovation at hand. Newer technologies are getting implemented and people are becoming friendlier to technologies. It is not that only web based companies are getting advantage of the technology change. The real life existing people are also getting benefited. Daily use machines, technology, households all are a part of the moving technological change. The faster face of innovation is leading to a world where everything will be gadgetized. However, its pros and cons will be known only when things come at play.

Future Games Can Involve Real Life Objects

7fbe1549-e19d-43bf-8d45-b9444d754f65-2060x1236The video game world is changing on a wide scale. With a game like Pokémon Go at hand, we can expect a game with real life objects in future. Gone are those days when we used to play using a joystick with a big video game set. Now even on our phone, we can play amazing games like Pokémon Go. A new imaging technique named as interactive dynamic video can help realize the idea in real life. People would be able to use the real life objects around them, in their video games. It sound unbelievable now, but it could soon be a reality.

The Dynamic video technology allows users to take a picture of their surrounding which is immediately converted in to a video. It will help a gamer get more realistic experience while playing a game. The real life imaging along with an outside character in it would make things much more interesting. Pokémon Go has already become a rage among masses. However, this can be called as just the beginning. Many more things are yet to come its way. Let us see how far the technology is able to lead us. The smart phones games are highly anticipated by video game lovers.