Tools To Download And Analyze Twitter Data

twitterThere are quite a few features that can help you download and analyze twitter data. However, people keep themselves limited to the Twitter’s official archive download. Yes, it is an option, but there are better ones to try. Downloading the data is not our only aim. Analysis to be performed on it is also a matter of consideration. People running a social campaign on twitter need to pay special attention on the analytics of the page. Data mining needs to be done for that which requires a few easy steps only. Companies end up hiring a big team of managers to perform the data mining activity.

It is a complete waste of money due to the lack of technology awareness among people. The first and foremost choice you can keep is the official archive download from twitter. It is a handy option and most of us can use it very easily. There are a couple of annoying downsides, like every time you download a new archive the old file will be overwritten. There is no way you can set dates aside in the archive. When venturing to try something new, go for BirdSong Analytics. A unique tool that comes at a price and completely makes it worth the utility it provides.

twitter-statsThe file downloaded by it comes in an Excel format that contains username, number of followers/following, Twitter URL, real name, bio, location, date of creation of account, number of tweets, verified status, etc. This means that all the necessary info is gathered in the same place for your motive. The amazing part is, Excel has got a number of brilliant options like sorting and filtering. One can make use of those features and move on to segregating the data as per the requirement. It will make your analysis way easier.

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